Monday, 23 January 2012

Gallery Project.

My first project of second year Decorative Arts was to produce a series or collection of work that could be sold in a craft gallery, also looking at market research, pricing, sketchbook development, sampling and promotional materials.
Back from a crazy summer working in an American camp and then travelling round the USA, I decided to develop a body of work exploring the abandoned buildings I had seen in many of the cities I visited, especially Detroit and Pittsburgh.
Whilst developing this idea, I found that I was interested in the memories held in abandoned buildings, untold stories, forgotten lives.
Using metal to communicate these feelings, I created an abandoned desk installation with metal pen holders, knitted wire in frames, an embroidered and dyed tablecloth and a lino printed notebook.

Although I enjoyed being able to explore a theme and became really interested in telling a story, I struggled with the making of this project. I am pleased with my knitted wire in frames, and also my mokume-gane metal strip (metal soldered together and then filed away to show layers) which took an unbelievably long time to actually make. But I think I would like to explore using more textiles and ceramics in future work, as I find metal a hard object to work with, especially finding ways of using it when not creating jewellery.

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