Sunday, 22 January 2012

First Year.

I thought I would start my blog by sharing some of my work from the first year of my course. We had the opportunity to try working with a variety of materials, by doing a 4 week workshop in each (2 days every week) where we were taught the techniques used. We were given time to experiment and then expected to produce an object or piece using the new material, demonstrating the skills we had learnt. We also needed to keep a sketchbook for each material, containing drawings, inspiration and design ideas, as well as a separate technical file and critical journal.

I really enjoyed my first year, I learnt a lot of techniques, especially as I never did an Art foundation course. It was difficult to create work in such a short time, but looking back, although I didn't get the chance to develop themes in my work, I had the opportunity to experiment with all the materials, and will continue to explore some of these into second year, alongside incorporating themes within my work.

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