Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost In Lace.

So I finally got around to seeing the Lost in Lace exhibition at the Gas Hall in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, a week before it closes. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I loved it! The artists involved had each created an amazing, unique piece of modern art using highly developed craft techniques, based around the influence of lace.

 I also thought the layout worked really well, a tangle of intricate pieces, some staggered together, others tucked around corners, without the room seeming cluttered, as all the pieces complimented each other. If you get the chance you should definitely check this exhibition out before it closes on 19th February. I decided not to do drawings whilst I was at the exhibition, as this is what I usually do and I have found that it doesn't actually help me. Instead I just allowed myself to be inspired by the pieces, and came away with some awesome new ideas for drawings and ceramic forms.

I forgot to take my camera, so here are some images from the website:
Suzumi Noda - 'Juxtaposition'.

Anni Bascoul - 'Moucharabieh' and 'Jardin de lit, lit de jardin'.

Chiharu Shiota - 'After the Dream'.
Katharina Hinsberg - 'Percieds'.

Whilst visiting the museum I also got a chance to look around the other collections, including some amazing ceramics and metal pieces, and some really inspiring drawings, which have definitely given me some ideas for the new project.

 Kennet - an illustration by William Morris.

Puberty - by Chad Mccail.

People I Know - Alice - by Gemma Anderson.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Commission Project Evaluation.

In creating this commission piece I wanted to explore the manipulation of felt and use of handmade dyes. I also aimed to create a contemporary installation which told a story of its surroundings.

I feel that my designs definitely deal with the idea of Wollaton Hall as a family focused site, involving the community, but I think that for a final commission my samples may need a little more experimentation and input from the local community as to how they can see themselves being involved with the piece. I like the ideas for further development of the commission, and think that a story could be created, linked to a route around the site, involving the pieces.

I am pleased with this work as I have  completed this project with a much clearer idea of the type of work that I am interested in, as well as the materials that I most enjoy working with. I feel that looking at graffiti knitting and creating interactive, contemporary craft pieces using fabric manipulation and stitch is something that I definitely want to continue exploring. I am by the idea of involving a community, and trusting that work can either be taken by or added to by others.  I still want storytelling to be a strong thread running through the centre of my work.

In my next project I would like to develop my ceramics techniques, still being interested in these themes, to create more permanent, functional pieces. I would like to work on my Photoshop, display and visualisation skills to help communicate my ideas better, as well as recording more of my thoughts.