Sunday, 1 April 2012

Design for industry.

Design for industry was our final project brief for second year, before we start to explore what we want to do in third year. After becoming slightly lost about where I was going in terms of material choice and products during the first two projects of second year, I decided that I wanted to work in ceramics whilst still inspired by textiles methods. I have found my target market as well as companies and studio makers that I am inspired by, and have found themes and narratives that interest me.  The brief was to design a product or range of products which could be mass-produced. I think I achieved this, though I was so focused on the fact that I am now more confident in what I am doing and have managed to complete a project, that I forgot to actually explain my final piece in my presentation!

When I started this project I decided that I wanted to produce a small range of ceramic tableware which could be mass produced whilst retaining the look of a one-off artisan piece through use of a hand finish and hand details. I looked at ceramic makers such as Rachel Boxnboim and Stephanie Earl for inspiration. I aimed to use this project to develop my ceramic skills, exploring different, discovering my personal interests in this area and working to produce a finished final piece after sampling different options.

I am pleased that I have been motivated to spend more time on this project, which can be seen by the variety of samples that I have produced. It has helped me to realise that ceramics is the area that I would like to work in next year, whilst still combining it with textiles, especially knitting which is a personal interest of mine.  This project does not have a strong theme behind it as I wanted to keep the idea as simple as possible to make sure I focused on making earlier in the project. I am proud that I worked through struggling with mould making, and am now able to make a two-part mould without trouble.  I think the project could have worked better if I had simplified even further instead of trying to do everything I missed in other projects and involving drawings from my drawing module.

In my next work I want to bring together the skills that I have developed during my projects, as I believe I have become more confident in using my drawing in 3d work, discovered the area and style of ceramics that I want to work within, and the importance of a narrative within my work. I want to use time during my next project to create basic ceramic products and work on my finishing skills as I have realised that I need to make sure I spend time cleaning edges and seams before bisque firing, as neatness on a small scale is not a skill that comes naturally to me, but if I make sure I spend time on this then I will be able to improve. However I want to work towards producing a strong range which shows my personality, is well-finished and combines my interests and drawings with an interesting personal theme.

Overall I am really pleased with my development during this last month, through my making skills and interests in this project as well as finding my style in my drawing module and the ideas and ethos I am interested in through my business plan.  As these have only just developed I have not yet had a chance to link them together, but I now feel I am ready and able to do this.

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