Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Secret Garden.

As a child I watched my 'The Secret Garden' video many times. I was enchanted by the costumes, the props, the house, and most of all, the garden! It was this film, among others, that made me know I wanted to work in  a creative job when I was older, at that time a prop designer, maker and collector, and later as a costume designer.

Well I'm still working towards having a creative job, though not working with props or costumes. But for my next project, where we are writing our own brief, and creating something personal to us, I thought it would be good if my products were inspired by those books and films, and the lifestyle of a simpler time, with nature and adventures.

 I've collected some images from the film to share, I still think it would be amazing to live there, everything is so grand and beautiful!

Ive always wanted the red hat and coat that Mary wears when she goes to the garden, and those dresses are amazing.

And I can always remember when Mary first finds the key, on her mother's old dresser, with the miniature elephant. The key is so ornate and mysterious, I wish all keys were like that!

And of course the garden is amazing, so many beautiful overgrown plants and trees. I loved the camera they used to take photos on the swing.

Somehow I've never read the book, but I couldn't say no to this lovely embroidered version by Penguin, which I first set eyes on in Anthropologie!

All images can be found on my pinterest, with original links.

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