Friday, 12 October 2012

Interior Inspiration.

I have decided that my final collection will be home ware and toy textiles for children so I have been looking at some images of contemporary children's rooms for inspiration. The images below show the kind of room that I can visual my products fitting into,                               with themes based on nature, storytelling, and a sense of nostalgia, adventure and excitement.

Images via:
2 & 3. Smilerynker
4, 5 & 6. Bleubird
10. Bolig


  1. These images are amazing! I love kids' rooms, can't wait to decorate my children's rooms when I'm older. I love your idea, I was considering designing for kids as well - you can have so much fun!x

  2. Great images. I think the little theatre is adorable and can't wait to do crafting activities with my children when I'm older. Oh and your doodles are wonderful, it would be great to see them in a repeat with a coloured background.

  3. Love all those rooms. The teepee is my favourite. Make sure everything you make is washable! I still can't believe how much mess one small boy can make! xx