Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tootsa MacGinty

Another of my final case studies is Tootsa MacGinty, all of a sudden I am seeing their products everywhere, they are my new favourite brand, I just wish they did clothing in my size! Here is my information on them:

Who? Tootsa MacGinty is a clothing company for children aged 3months-5years. It was set up in 2011 by Kate Pietrasik, who moved back to London from Paris (where she worked as a freelance womenswear designer) after the birth of her daughter. She was shocked by the outdated, gender-stereotyped clothing she found, so set about to create an alternative, affordable children’s clothing label with a sense of fun.

What? The company creates predominately unisex (apart from a few dresses) clothing for “children that want to step into a rainbow and splosh through the colours”.  Gentle imagery is used, with the A/W 12/13 collection based on traditional children’s stories. Quirky details are added for children to discover, such as animals hidden in pockets, and embroidery inside cuffs. The focus is on classic and timeless designs, rather than being trend-driven.  Prices range from £17-£38 in the current collection.

Where? Tootsa MacGinty is based in London, with stockists that can be found all around the country.

Why? The mission statement is to create gender neutral children’s clothing with a world filled with colour rather than filtered down to the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls. The company want to avoid the dangerous gender divide often found in childhood, which can have a dangerous and negative impact on children. Products are of a high quality, yet affordable, with a strap-line of “Wash, Wear and Hand-Me-Down”. The clothes are for “miniature explorers who think rain is a shower of diamonds and that getting wet is fun…who make a bee-line for mud and see the magic in bubble made out of washing-up liquid”.

How? All garments are created to allow movement, combining functionality with quality to provide comfort, style and fit with a range of carefully chosen, bright colours.  Products are designed to last, with the use of strong materials and timeless designs.

Me! I love the bold sense of colour used within the products, alongside the classic and quirky designs inspired by characters which will spark children’s imagination and help them to relate to and take an interest in their clothes. I am also really encouraged that there is a company offering an alternative to the narrow, stereotypical products that are often found in the children’s market, and I would love for my children’s homeware products to offer something different to the market, and really stand out with innovative designs and ideas.  

All information and images found via their website. Check them out!

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  1. Well these are just adorable. I can just imagine how much children love these with the vibrant colors and quirky characters.