Thursday, 14 March 2013


In between writing my dissertation (deadline is in a week!) I've been doing a bit of market research looking at high-end children's clothing and products. I wanted to share the folding playmat by Babatude that i came across today. Babatude is a great company who offer independent products from around the world, for all the family and the home.
This play mat from Bubabella is a great design, priced at £79.50! It's 125cm by 140cm and can be laid flat, or folded to create a tunnel, chair or flat item to be carried. I think its such a clever idea, giving children a miniature playground, and the variety of folding possibilities means it will last so much longer, once children grow out of having a play-tunnel (or pretend to, anyway!) they can still use it as a chair. What do you think?


image via google images.

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