Friday, 8 March 2013

Quilt Experiment.

After creating a new screen and testing it out, I decided to create a quilt sample. I used a plain dark grey for screen print, and then embellished it with machine and hand stitch, using light, bright colours (pink, green, blue and golden). I also experimented with different levels, and drawing attention to different areas. I think the idea has worked well, and I look forward to using even more stitch and fabric layers, to create a more consistent piece. What do you think?


  1. I've just been looking back through your blog posts and work and it's looking great! I just had a mid project review for my final project too... stressful isn't it! Hope it's all going well - it's certainly looking like it is! x

    1. Thanks Polly, yes its going ok, slowly coming together! Mid term reviews are definitely stressful, especially with it being halfway through so feeling like nothing's finished! Just got to keep going and it will all turn out ok at the end. Hope your project is going well, it looks like you've done some great stuff! x