Thursday, 4 April 2013

Instagram Lately.

I've just got back to Nottingham after going home for Easter weekend. I got a lot of planning done, deciding what I wanted to get done in time for my Degree Show deadline in under 2 months! I also had a good time relaxing, spending time walking my dog, eating chocolate of course and having fizzy drink for the first time since lent!
I just wanted to quickly share some of my latest instagram photos, and I will be back soon with exciting peeks at my latest textiles work and inspiration!


1. A fun shadow of my hair!
2. One side of my finished quilt sample, ready for degree show brochure photos.
3. Still having March!
4, 5 & 6. More machine embroidery experimentation.
7. Need to be over 25 to buy a sewing machine maintenance kit!
8. My mum's tasty chocolate Easter cake...yum.


  1. Fun instagram photos! Love the Easter eggs. Hope you had a lovely Easter! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at