Friday, 12 July 2013


I've been inspired by florals again lately, you may remember me photographing them last year as well! I found some decaying flowers again as well, still love how delicate they look! I love the colours, especially against all this blue sky we have been getting lately. I'm thinking I will do some drawings outside later as inspiration for some new designs, so watch this space! I'd love to know, what has been inspiring you lately?


  1. you've taken some amazing shots here! you should definitely do some sketching, i wish i could draw but my abilities resemble a 2 year old's ;) x

    1. Thanks Miho! Doodling and sketching and making patterns is way more fun than representational drawing to me! You should try blind drawing (where you look at the object but not at the paper) it can be fun and definitely takes the pressure off of being 'good' at drawing!