Saturday, 6 July 2013


While I was in London exhibiting at New Designers, I was fortunate enough to get to look around at other students displays. I didn't take any photos (surprise surprise, don't worry I have some London photos to share soon!), but I collected business cards and photos from some of my favourite designers! And you can visit the website links to see images of their work.

Abbie Wardle had some amazing flower prints with detailed stitch. I loved the colours in her work!

Vanessa Hafezi created prints, with really interesting line quality, and I love the layout of her website.

Lindsey Portas produced some really fun print designs, my favourite is the chairs.

Alice Gillingham's stitched pieces were so cute, her work has such an awesome distinct style!

Harriet Simons made umbrellas! Such a fun product idea, I thought she had a great range of pieces that worked well together.

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