Monday, 8 July 2013


I had some spare time while I was in London to do some exploring, it was fun finding new places to visit, though I walked so much I was exhausted when I got home!

1. The British Museum has a pretty awesome ceiling!

2. The famous London buses!

3.I visited Carnaby St for the first time, hidden away behind Liberty!

4.And of course I managed to sneak in a trip to Liberty, wishing I could buy everything in their habadashery section!

5. A fun building in Bloomsbury.

6. Tasty new drink from Cafe Nero - orange, raspberry and green tea ice!

7.I walked past something or other being filmed on my way to the British Museum, not sure what was going on but there were old cars and also an old ambulance!

8. I stumbled upon Neal's Yard, which I have been wanting to visit for a while now! Love the colourful walls!

9.Another cool building, this time somewhere sort of near Covent Garden ( I walked a LOT, convinced by those '5 minute walk' circle maps dotted about everywhere!).

10. I tried fish tacos for the first time, in Wholefoods Kensington, so tasty!

11.I had bubble tea for the second time, and I still can't decide whether I like it or not, I'm just not sure about those bubbles!


  1. I'd love to visit London one day!

    1. Yes Sarah its a great city to visit, so much to see!

  2. Love these photos! Seems like a wonderful time!
    Thanks for visiting Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

    1. I had an amazing time, thanks Juliette :)