Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nature Trail - Charmouth.

Last weekend I visited Charmouth beach in Dorset. The weather was lovely, and the beach is sandy with rock pools to explore when the tide is out. It was even warm enough to go swimming (for about 5 seconds!). It was so good to be able to spend the day at the seaside, in the sun, in my bikini, I felt like I was on holiday! And I even remembered to take my camera, so I have some photos to share! Have you been anywhere good outdoors lately?


  1. Just found you blog and wanted to say hello! :) These photos are stunning. Also I checked out your website with your portfolio and I am loving your work!

    1. Thanks Jenna and hi! I'm glad you like my work, thanks for stopping by! Also I worked at a camp in Ohio for a summer a few years ago, I loved it!