Thursday, 15 August 2013

Attract and Repel.

Another part of the Skillshare pattern class (more here and here) was to explore colour stories that you are attracted to, as well as those that repel you, inspired by an image. I found I was attracted to happy, summery colours, bright and fun. You then learn to put these palettes into a pattern, as you can see below.

And next up are a few colour combinations that I am not such a fan of! Dark, dreary, dirty colours, or too much boldness. I think I would probably be ok with a few of these colours on their own, but I'm not a fan of them mixed together. I took inspiration from some vintage quilts (I know *gasp* how dare I, sorry!), tie-dyes gone wrong, and sneakers.

And in a stripe pattern.

All inspiration images for my attract palettes can be found on my pinterest boards. Have I inspired anybody to take this class? Have you taken any classes on Skillshare before?

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