Friday, 9 August 2013


I've recently been looking at the classes on offer at Skillshare and I found a great class on creating and mixing patterns, run by Jenna. It is free to join, and so far I am only on the first project, but it is great! Jenna shares so much information, and sets great projects for you to complete, which you can then share in the gallery for feedback from other students. There is some really inspiring work in the gallery, definitely check it out if your interested!
The first project is to create a series of patterns based on Itten's contrasts (which you learn about in the project videos), so I had a go at a few, trying to remember how to use Illustrator, and here we are!

This first pair of contrasts look at curve/straight, layers/flat and busy/simple. The one on the left is inspired by Spirograph, and the right by origami.

This second pair was created by playing about with shapes, with the contrasts bold/delicate, point/curve and historical/retro.

If you want to start or get back into designing patterns, or want to give Illustrator a go, I really recommend this class! I will share more when I have created a few more patterns and completed the next projects taught!


  1. Patterns are such a fun thing to explore. There are endless possibilities. Isn't it funny how the eye is drawn to repeats??

    1. I know Erica, I always remember from childhood staring at things with a repeat, like my bed-covers, and trying to figure out where it repeats! They had an interesting idea in the class, about how we could be drawn to repeats because humans like and learn from routines!