Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A trip to the Alhambra.

While I was in Spain, we visited Granada, to see the Alhambra. We ended up visiting early in the morning as it was the only time we could get tickets, but it ended up being great as it wasn't to busy and we avoided the heat of the day.
It was such an amazing experience, I never realised there would be so much to see. So many beautiful details, colours and designs.

 Around every corner they were different fun details to see. I can imagine you could visit many times and see something new each time.

^If you ever visit, make sure you look up so you don't miss any of the amazing details!

^As you get higher and higher up there are amazing views to see of the city below.

^ I loved peeking through all the windows and doors to see different views.

^There are amazing flowers and even citrus trees growing around each corner.
Have you ever visited the Alhambra? If so what did you think? Or if you are planning on visiting Granada at any point then I really recommend a trip to the Alhambra! If you are planning to go, I would suggest booking tickets in advance, as it can get fairly busy.

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