Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn time.

Since yesterday was the first official day of Autumn, I've allowed myself to start thinking about all the exciting things that come with leafy walks and chilly days (OK, I'll be honest, it really started as soon as I stepped off the plane from Spain to rainy British weather).
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Have you seen the colour palettes in the A/W 13 Poetry collection? Love the dusty blues and pinks!
And the coats with detachable fleece liners? So cosy and warm, but I would need a smallish one so I don't get too swamped!
Since I have learned to crochet I have decided I need that cute scarf with ears in my life, pattern is in the latest issue of Simply Crochet. With that and a fleecy coat I'm sure to get mistaken for a bear at some point this Autumn/ Winter!
While we are talking clothes, I think I finally need to find 'the perfect jeans' this year, I've always avoided them (and any trousers really) as I struggle to find a size/style that suits my short frame. Any recommendations? 
Sadly I'm not sure my laptop will last to see the end of 2013, so I'm also on the hunt for a new laptop, which will of course mean new laptop accessories as well!
One more goal for the season - find my signature hot drink recipe (aside from my morning instant coffee). Those ABM girls have so many great recipes for hot drinks, I may have to get around to actually trying some!
How about you, what are you excited for this Autumn?

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