Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Eat Read Watch Need.

EAT - These recipes on Green Kitchen Stories all look so tasty! All vegetarian and healthy they look perfect as the days get shorter.

READ - I just downloaded this finally and can't wait to start reading, I've heard a lot of good reviews. Have you read it?

WATCH - After listening to Bossypants on audiobook, I really want to give 30 Rock, as I've never seen it before.

NEED - Since rewatching Chocolat (such a good movie!) the other day I was reminded of how long I have been looking for some simple, lace up boots just above ankle length with a small heel, like Anouk wears, as well as Mary in the Secret Garden. Once day I hope to find a perfect pair!


  1. I read (and loved) Bossypants as well, and if you like that book I think you'll definitely like 30 Rock. The first couple of seasons are the best. xoxo

    1. Yes I definitely loved bossypants, and hearing the audio book read by Tina was such a fun way to 'read' the book! I will be sure to check out 30 rock soon!