Saturday, 21 September 2013


These are the final photos of my trip to Spain (more here and here). I am already missing the sunshine and fed up of the rain back in England!

^ I would love to live somewhere near a goat herder - so old fashioned, and I think the sound of goat bells is so calming!

^We found some amazing abandoned buildings (I am slightly obsessed with ruins, as you may remember from all the way back in this project).

^So many amazing views! Feel free to book me a flight back to Spain!


  1. Ohh looks lovely! I'm of Spanish heritage so I've always wanted to go to Spain! Now I want to go even more. =)

    1. Wow that's cool! Yeah, if you get the chance to go, it is amazing, so much to see, and so much variety - city, mountain, rural, sea, and of course sun! Wish I could go back now!