Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tree Trunks.

When I was outside the other day I ended up getting very distracted by all the moss and lichen growing on the trees. It is so beautiful, so interesting, I had to take some photos. It was too cold to sit and draw (my hands were shaking just taking the photos) so I settled for capturing images on my camera instead, and I'm pretty pleased with the textures I managed to record. What do you think?
Next time I will have to bundle up and take my sketchbook outside for a trip! Have you done any drawing outside lately, or is it just too cold for you?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sketchbook Sunday.

This week's sketch stemmed from an attempt to create leaf prints using gold paint. It didn't quite work, but it did create a fun base for some line drawings of falling leaves.
I think my goal for next week is to take better photos of my sketchbook! It's something I can only do at weekends, as by the time I am home from work in the week there is no natural light to work with. So I need to experiment with a way to capture my pages better, or try scanning them maybe!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Big Knit.

After seeing the advert for the Innocent knitted hats this year I decided to join in and make some myself. I have been known to buy a smoothie in the past just for the cute hat you get, so I thought I may as well join in! You can find out about the Big Knit here, in case you were wondering the point of hats to fit on smoothie bottles (apart from the major cuteness factor!), it's to raise money for Age UK, helping to keep the elderly warm through winter. If you want to make some, there are a variety of patterns on the site, and you have until 31st October to get your hats posted in.
Oh, and while I'm sharing, I have a craft confession to tell you. I cannot make pom-poms. I tried a few different ways, many times, but each attempt ends up with small strands of yarn falling out everywhere. So, my hats have no pom-poms sadly!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sketchbook Sunday.

Another Sunday, another scribble from my sketchbook. I'll be honest, I don't  actually like this as an overall drawing BUT I did enjoy creating it, and I like aspects and the idea of it, just not the overall look. However it's actually nice to have a drawing that I don't like, because it doesn't actually matter! I'm not at art school any more, it's not going towards any kind or grade, its just for fun! So here you are, my weird pink scribbly flower drawing for you to see!

Friday, 18 October 2013


The other weekend we were lucky enough to be treated to a late sunny day, so we made the most of it, by packing a picnic and heading to Branscombe (you may have heard of it as the location of that beach wreck which was in the news a few years ago).

^Yes, that's right, apparently some people thought it was warm enough to SWIM. In the SEA. In OCTOBER!


It was a lovely day, and such a treat to sit in the sunshine once more this year! Have you been anywhere exciting lately?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sketchbook Sunday.

I know, I missed my sketchbook post last week! It was a hectic week, but I've made up for it this week with a few pages of embarrassingly bad drawings, and one that has grown on me, and I actually quite like! Meet the squash:

^Yes, that's right, I balanced it on a roll of masking tape, it was a strange shape and wouldn't stand up!

What do you think? Have you done any drawing lately?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Read at 21.

Making my goals for 22 got me thinking back to the books I read last year  and considering I only read 9 last year, I think I'll have to pack a lot more reading in this year if I want to read 22 while I am 22! But as I no longer have a university degree to work towards (just a full time job!), hopefully it will be achievable. 
I listed the books I read, along with a short review, onto Goodreads, which I have just gotten back into (it was fun looking back at the books I read about 5 years ago!). You can see my profile here and my books read shelf here if you are interested. Are you on Goodreads, or do you use something else to keep track of the books you have read? Have you got any books to recommend for me this year?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Logo Ideas.

I've just enrolled on another Skillshare class, this time I have chosen 'Logo Design: let the type do the talking'. Now that I have graduated from Uni I want my brand, and blog to be more broad to incorporate all that I hope to do! I'm planning a blog redesign, but wanted to design a new logo first (I have lots of blog design ideas though!). Something I can use for my portfolio, handmade pieces, blog, and digital designs! 
I'm aiming for professional, with personality! I'm thinking something involving a circle, my favourite shape, and I'm thinking of combining handwritten script, with a clean modern type. I've started off by putting together colour palette ideas and a logo and type moodboard (you can see it in full here). I've played around with a few ideas on Photoshop and Illustrator, but I now need to narrow it down and refine my ideas! What do you think so far? Any feedback would be very helpful!

A Walk In The Quantocks.

The other weekend we followed our first proper walking trail, when we went out for our weekend adventure (you can see many more here). We used the National Trust website to find a walk in the Quantock Hills, which is possibly one of my favourite places in Somerset. If you are in the UK you can find walks all over the country on their Great British Walk Map!

^^ There were so many wild mushrooms growing, but without knowing whether or not they were poisonous we held off on foraging for this week!
^^An exhausted Fudge fell asleep on my foot after such a big adventure!

Have you been on any walks lately?

Friday, 4 October 2013

Studio Peek.

 This week has been hectic, it is definitely hard balancing full-time work with trying to be a blogger/designer/maker/knitter person! I spend all day concentrating, learning new skills, so it is difficult to motivate myself to get stuff done when I get home, but I'm doing it, because it's what I want to do. So, its a good thing, not a bad thing, really!

1. Some knitting goodness I will hopefully be able to share soon, its very exciting!
2. Still trying to master block printing, I'm struggling to find the right roller, ink, fabric, stamp combination, at the moment the colour isn't vibrant enough, and I'm getting texture marks where I roll/brush on the ink. So the experimentation continues!
3. Logo/blog redesign is happening! I'm taking another skillshare class to help me. Plus this background on my laptop is a good reminder at times!

How is your week? And how are your balancing skills? Excited for the weekend? I sure am!

Blackberry Picking.

Last weekend we went foraging once again. This time we had our hearts set on filling tubs of blackberries to freeze ready for the winter! 

^Doesn't this tree stump look so magical!

Have you had any exciting adventures outside lately, or are you huddled inside in shock from the sudden wintery weather in the UK?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Marimekko Weather Collection.

I just wanted to pop in to share the Marimekko Weather Collection, I'm not sure why it took me so long to find it, but I love it, all the expressive marks and moody colours! You can see the lookbook here and the video here if you haven't already seen them. What do you think?

All images and information can be found on Marimekko's website.