Monday, 4 November 2013

Wool & The Gang.

You may remember seeing a peek at some chunky looking knitting in this post a few weeks ago. Well I can finally reveal all! I've knitted some hats for Wool & The Gang, an awesome company based in London who are all about handcrafted, knitted fashion. Feel free to check out their website here. It was lovely to knit with such good quality wool (I used this 100% peruvian wool - so soft!) and it's so exciting to see my hats for sale on the website! If you want to buy them you can find the red stripes here and the khaki stripes here. And see a bunch more pieces knitted by the gang here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cristina! I made them a few weeks ago, so it was so exciting to finally see them on the website, and think 'I made those'!

  2. Adorable and now that it's hat season- they are perfect for winter time.

    1. Thanks Erika! Yes definitely perfect for all this cold weather, and its such warm wool to keep you all cosy!