Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sketchbook Sunday.

My first in hopefully many posts of sharing my sketchbook pages from New Zealand! I will be continuing my tradition of sharing on a Sunday. This are just a few scribbles - I thoughts small sketchbook in a Chinese shop n Auckland so I can record some rough sketches.


Thursday, 27 March 2014


With Waiheke being a small island, there is a lot of coastline, and you can usually catch a glimpse of it from wherever you stand! It's pretty awesome, and some of the harbours remind me a little of home (minus the blue skies and hot sunshine of course), especially Dartmouth! It is so strange how I don't feel that far from home yet, it doesn't feel much further away than when I was at uni 4 hours away! Though of course, the 13 hour time difference and opposite seasons feels a bit weird.

^This abandoned boat on the shore looked so interesting, I love those windows (portholes?), the colours and the textures of the wood!

All these boats make me want to try sailing, I've never been before, though I have always wanted to, since reading being obsessed with the books and films of the Swallows and Amazons series!Have you ever been sailing?
The boats have also inspired me to try drawing something different, so we shall see, there may be some nautically inspired designs in my future!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Waiheke Views.

I have been in Waiheke for nearly 2 weeks now. I can't believe how quickly it is going! Waiheke is a small island about 30 minutes from Auckland by ferry, it has a really laidback feel, and some really interesting landscapes. There are vineyards, jungle-like walks up steep hills, and amazing small coves and beaches. There are gorgeous views wherever you look!

 ^ I have stopped many times on a bench at the top of a hill to admire this view!

^So many of the beaches are gorgeous, and almost completely empty!

I am so happy to have to opportunity to experience living on a small island for a few weeks! Though part of me is excited for my next adventure, wherever that will be (my list of places to visit in New Zealand is steadily growing as I meet people telling me about all the amazing places they have been!).

Sunday, 23 March 2014

First Few Days In Auckland.

I spent my first week after my arrival in New Zealand, in Auckland. It is not the capital, but it is the largest city in the country. I heard from a lot of people that they did not enjoy their stay in Auckland, and were glad to get out of the city and explore the more natural parts. But I actually loved Auckland, it is a really easy city to get around, and so much to see. I climbed One Tree Hill and did part of the coast to coast walk, so I saw a lot of green spaces. There were also a lot of interesting suburbs, I loved Mount Eden, it had a really old fashioned feel to it. So far the architecture I have seen has been so interesting, a really diverse mix of buildings, all next to each other. Another thing was they have a lot of food courts, which we don't really have in the UK, but it is such a good idea. They have a huge Asian influence in the cuisine too. I definitely want to go back to Auckland, try some new foods, and explore more of the suburbs. But obviously there is a lot more on both of the islands to see as well, so we shall have to see where I head next!
I think it may take a while see how my blog is going to evolve, as I am in a completely new environment, there is so much new landscape to share, but I also hope to keep drawing and creating! 
I not had much experience photographing cities, as you can probably see from these photos, but it is something that I want to get better at! There is a lot I want to try, new skills, new ways of working, that I want to try while I am here.

^This art centre looked amazing, but unfortunately it was closed when I visited. 
^This is the top of One Tree Hill, no tree in sight, just a monument! The weather here so far has been really sudden in changing from clouds to blue skies. 
^The suburbs have some really cool buildings, such an interesting mix.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


During my first week in Auckland, I took the ferry to Devonport. Just a 10 minute boat ride away, it is a great escape from the busy city, with many people commuting from here each day. It has a really cute village near the ferry port, some amazing views of Auckland skyline, and some gorgeous beaches that feel a million miles away from the city! I have finally got internet for the day, and am resting before hopefully starting a job grape picking next week, so I shall line up a few posts of photos I have taken so far (so many!) and hopefully I will have some sketchbook posts to share soon, I have done a lot of drawing so far, very different to my usual style.
I have been in New Zealand for 2 weeks now, and still can't quite believe I am so far from home! I have been very lucky with the weather so far, so I am definitely getting my dose of Summer in, before Winter!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

From The Other Side Of The World!

Hello! I arrived safe in Auckland last week. I have been here for A week so far and am having an amazing time! I've wandered round the city, walked up to the museum and winter gardens, been to the art gallery, taken the ferry to Devonport, been up One Tree HIll, swam in the sea and sat in various parks. Yes its awesome! Though I did feel super dizzy from the plane ride for a few days, and had trouble standing up straight and not falling over. Not sure if this is normal for a long flight, but it's not fun. Oh, and I had 10 hours in Shanghai on the way over which was an incredible experience, I'll share photos of that soon!
I have hopefully found some work grape picking for a while but there is a storm forecast for tonight, and the grapes may not be ready, so we shall have to see what happens. It has been so sunny most days though and I have even been swimming a couple of times!
I am just typing this on my phone at the bus stop as it is the only place with free WiFi at the moment, but I will try and put more posts together to put up soon! I tried to attach a photo I took at Auckland domain with my phone so we shall see how that works out!
For now I'm just trying to let myself relax a little before I figure out what to do next/start work!

Saturday, 1 March 2014


One thing I am definitely going to miss about going to New Zealand is Spring. I am going straight from winter to autumn, I know, bad planning really, but when I do finally get to New Zealand spring I am hoping it will be worth the wait, and warmer than over here! I do love spring though, new growth, slowly sprouting, peeking above the soil, looking to see if the last signs of Winter have gone (bit far? maybe, but it is such an amazing season!). I was lucky enough to see a few first signs of the seasons before I leave though; such bright cheerful colours, crazy shapes and beautiful flowers!