Thursday, 27 March 2014


With Waiheke being a small island, there is a lot of coastline, and you can usually catch a glimpse of it from wherever you stand! It's pretty awesome, and some of the harbours remind me a little of home (minus the blue skies and hot sunshine of course), especially Dartmouth! It is so strange how I don't feel that far from home yet, it doesn't feel much further away than when I was at uni 4 hours away! Though of course, the 13 hour time difference and opposite seasons feels a bit weird.

^This abandoned boat on the shore looked so interesting, I love those windows (portholes?), the colours and the textures of the wood!

All these boats make me want to try sailing, I've never been before, though I have always wanted to, since reading being obsessed with the books and films of the Swallows and Amazons series!Have you ever been sailing?
The boats have also inspired me to try drawing something different, so we shall see, there may be some nautically inspired designs in my future!


  1. It must be so wonderful to see the sea from wherever you stand! Living on an island is one of my dreams!

  2. I've never been sailing either! I really want to go but Im scared I'm going to knock myself out on those swinging bars/pillar things haha