Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Still On A Small Island.

I am still here! Its been a while - I have worked almost every day for the past 3 weeks, picking olives and grapes. I am loving working outdoors, learning new skills, and still so happy I get to experience living on a small island! Though you can definitely feel a change in the weather, autumn is creeping up on us over here! I may be moving on in a few weeks, I would like to settle down a bit for the winter months maybe, have my own room, internet access, time to bake, knit, read and draw, and a job to help pay the bills! I will update more when I have a chance to sit down with some internet ( I am currently sat on the pavement next to the WiFi box in the main town on the island). But for now I will leave you with this image - just another amazing view on one of my many walks. And I think I will be tempted by something from the bakery across the road!