Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Botanic Gardens.

When I was in Wellington I managed to sneak a visit to the Botanic Gardens, which is huge! They have a great collection, including a native forest and the begonia house which has some awesome tropical plants inside! I didn't do any drawing while I was there, but I took some photos for inspiration, it's great seeing plants the other side of the world, they are so different! Is a voluntary trip to a garden full of flowers a sign I'm turning into a Grandma a bit too soon? Or can I get away with calling it 'design inspiration trip' and pretend like I'm still a student!


  1. These are gorgeous! And if a voluntary trip to a garden is a sign you're turning into a grandma, I have been a grandma all my life!

  2. Haha if you are turning into a grandma so am I! I love the botanical gardens for the beauty and peacefulness. I love the gold and green tones in that last photo!

    1. Yay, we can all be grandmas, haha! Thank you, there were some lovely colours about.