Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sketchbook Sunday.

I am going to join in with everybody else's shock of "how is it nearly the end of July 2014 already??" Yes, I cannot believe it either. Though in my defence I have the added confusion of opposite seasons. It's July and I have actually had to wear gloves and a scarf while I wait for the bus, and have been able to see my breath. There was even a little bit of frost the other morning! It is noway near as cold as winters back in the UK though.

I have nearly reached the end of my sketchbook now, and am pretty glad, I'm ready to start fresh! I've been playing around with a few pattern ideas lately.

^I am obsessed with this house, it is a few streets along from me, and everytime I walk past it I have to stop and peer. It was up for sale when I first found it, and empty, so I had a sneaky peek through the windows, but now I think someone has moved in, so I have to keep my distance! It is such a cute style, really popular over here, in Auckland at least. Villa style with wrap-around porches, but finding one that hasn't become competely modernised is tricky. So I have a new hobby - scouring real estate websites for dream homes! A long story for such a quick drawing huh?! 

^A pattern inspired  by trip to the Alhambra last year!

^ Pine cone doodles! I got a bargain set of sparkly watercolours the other week, so I've been having fun experimenting with them.

What have you been drawing lately?

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  1. I love your pinecone! I wish my doodles came out looking this the actual thing I am doodling!