Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sketchbook Sunday.

I haven't posted here lately, but I have still been filling up my sketchbook. Lots of patterns and playing around with mark-making. Have you done any drawing lately? I'd love to see!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mount Maunganui.

A few weeks ago I had a day trip to Mount Maunganui. There was a bus deal which meant the 8hour return trip from Auckland only cost 48cents! So I packed some bus entertainment had a Sunday coach day trip like an old lady! The weather was pretty crazy as you can see from the moody skies, but luckily the rain mostly held off all day. It was just windy and cold, which was actually pretty good, the beach was empty and wild! I can't wait to go back in Summer though, it was such a gorgeous beach. And of course I had to have fish and chips, and an ice cream in a waffle cone which was amazing!

I haven't had that many trips out of Auckland lately, I have been busy working and exploring the city (still loving it here), but I have got a big trip down to the South Island planned in November, can't wait to see more of New Zealand.