Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bus Snapshots.

I took the bus (well, 4 buses and a ferry) down from Auckland to Dunedin! It took about 5 days (including a stop in Queenstown), but I got to see some amazing places on the way. And luckily the ferry was a calm trip, and lots of blue skies and great bus stops!

1. View from the ferry coming into Picton.
2. Waiting for the bus at Picton ferry terminal.
3. A bus lunch break at Kaikoura, just after seeing seals on the beach a little up the coast!
4. Kaikoura again, it was beautiful.
5. Another lunch break at Lake Tekapo.
6. A cold stop in Queenstown.
7 & 8. So many different sights from the bus!

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