Friday, 14 November 2014


On my way down South to Dunedin I stopped for 3 nights in Queenstown, which is amazing! Such a beautiful place, surrounded by the lake, and so much nature! I didn't do any of the crazy activities, or even go up the gondola as it got cloudy towards the end of my trip, but even just walking around was pretty cool! There were so many incredible views across the lake, and as you can see I had all the different weather, with blue skies and sunshine at first, and then grey, misty and cold, with snow on the mountains!



  1. Queenstown is gorgeous. A shame that you didn't manage to head up the gondola but still gorgeous photos. Especially the last two where you can see the orange from sunset

  2. This place is beautiful! I just watched a documentary on the flightless birds of New Zealand. It is truely amazing there!