Thursday, 18 December 2014


I spent 2 days in Christchurch on my way back up to Auckland after my trip to Dunedin. For some reason, even though I knew about the 2011 earthquake, I wasn't expecting to see so much evidence of it as there is. It was so strange to walk through empty streets in the middle of the city, the old Starbucks that is now closed down with smashed windows and the sign hanging off the wall. But it is awesome to see how much cool stuff is going on! Instead of the standard high street chains there is the container mall of independent shops and cafes; food trucks have replaced the fast-food places, and there is loads of cool art projects dotted all about the city!



  1. Omg, the CHURCH! I climbed that church when I visited Christchurch back in 2010 - the place looks so different now! It looks like a ghost town :(

    1. Yeah, totally crazy to see, I wish I'd been able to see it before the earthquake too!