Thursday, 15 January 2015


I have been busy being all '2015 is the year for stuff happening' motivated these past few days, so lots of doodling, dyeing, sewing and generally messing about doing fabric sampling has been going on! I've actually gotten some pretty exciting results in between lots of weird colour messes! And I've started making a few things which I want to put up in an online shop by the end of the month (my new plan is that if I say it enough times and make a deadline, I'll actually get it done, so fingers crossed!).

1. Tiny pattern doodles! I have been playing around with layering my drawings with dyed fabrics, its fun to see them peeking through the colours!
2&3. So many layers! Lots of random dye experimentation, with a resist pattern layered over the top of it all.
4&5. I've found that if you flick dry dye pigment onto fabric it dissolves into all the colours used to make up that dye! This is black dye - so many colours that go into it!


  1. Yes, I always feel super motivated at the beginning of a new year, too! The trouble (for me) is maintaining the motivation as time goes on :)

    Your work is lovely; I love the colours in 4&5 in particular.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thanks Natasha! Yes I find that too, even weekly - I am so motivated Monday Tuesday, and towards the end of the week I don't seem to get so much done!