Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sketchbook Sunday.

I have been doodling a few patterns this week, taking part in Joanna Fowles #2015patternaday on instagram. However 1 pattern a day for 365 days seemed a bit too ambitious for me, and I was worried about getting repetitive, so I'm keeping it casual and joining in when I can, keeping it stressfree! You should definitely check it out though, a lot of cool patterns about!
I've also been looking back over my photos from the Alhambra (over a year ago!) because Printed Village is running a cool pattern design contest, and the theme is Moroccan doorways. I really want to enter, so fingers crossed I  can get over my computer using hopelessness and create something for the competition!
This week I have been busy dyeing fabrics because (eek!) I want to open a little Etsy shop by the end of the month with some hand dyed and patterned fabrics! Super scary trying to make something that is finished and I don't feel to awkward to charge money for, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while super long time now! So yay for 2015 being the year of getting things done!

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