Tuesday, 3 February 2015


This week has been super busy! I am going to Melbourne for a few days this week to see my family (I have been away from home for nearly a year now!) and then we are coming back to New Zealand to explore for about a week, so I am MEGA excited! So this week has been full of working and trying to finish things off before I leave!

One of my plans for the New Year has been to read more, since I have more time in the mornings and have been waking up early with the sun, I have been having some quiet reading time with my coffee to start the day! This week I read 'Start something that matters' by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie. If you fancy an inspiring business/life book then I really recommend it. I found it really interesting and easy to read, full of awesome stories! 
https://www.etsy.com/shop/CharlotteRigbyI have been dyeing more fabrics to make some more scarfs for my Etsy shop. Its actually really fun testing out different colours and experimenting with patterns and techniques, and waiting to see how they turn out!


  1. It's exciting that you're coming to Melbourne! Enjoy! :)
    I've actually heard a lot about Blake, should be a good read!

  2. Oh I love the fabric...the dye is so pretty!

  3. I really find that reading more is so good for us mentally and even physically. It reinvigorates us :)

  4. Just added it to my Goodreads list into my "To-Read" list! Thanks for the recommendation :) One of my goals this year is to read more. Have a great trip to Melbourne! I'm visiting it for the first time in my life this July, if you have any tips or places to visit I'd love to know about them.