Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Etsy Favourites.

Since I started selling my scarves on Etsy I have been discovering other makers and shops on Etsy, there is so much cool stuff out there!

I love Danny Brito's shop, he has so many awesome designs, including this Hey Arnold brooch and this Milhouse print which I got for one of my friends for Christmas because it is an amazing saying!

I also got some notecards from Laura Berger at Christmas, they are so cute and fun! I especially love this night swimmers print as I've been trying to pop down to the beach for an evening swim lately while its still warm enough!

Bob the Bear is SO cute!! Those glasses are adorable! I love all of the toys that Sara Carr creates but I think Bob has to be my favourite, closely followed by Henry the Slug (he's green!).

Amelie Mancini makes these arrow spoons which are hand cast, made from brass, I love the arrow detail! 

  This baby mammoth is so adorable!! Mount Royal Mint makes so many cute creatures, I want to start collecting to make my very own zoo display!

Have you seen anything awesome lately on Etsy?

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  1. I've actually NEVER used Etsy! I know, I know...what a confession. But I see so many cute things from there that I'm thinking that will change soon xx

    The Persephone Complex