Friday, 22 May 2015

Etsy Favourites.

I have been trying to squeeze in time between work to play about with making some new things for my Etsy shop! And I've also been spending some time looking at what other people are selling, there are so many awesome designers and makers out there, it's so great to see! If you want to be nosy you can see all of my favourites here. Have you found anything cool on Etsy recently?

I love the cut-out pattern of this moth necklace from BonnyRabbitBoutique, so delicate and beautiful!

  I kinda feel like I can never have too many pouches and purses, and this block printed pretzel pouch from Whimsy Milieu is so fun and bright it would make a great extra to carry about my things in!

I have seen so many awesome pins and badges lately, including these super cute set of mountain badges from Okapi Illustration! I especially love the bear!

Um how adorable is this DIY embroidered raccoon kit from Kiriki Press?! I love all the details, he is so cute! The shop has a load of different kits, and they are all so awesome though, I'd love to get one, an embroidery kit seems like a perfect wintery activity to come home from work to!

Winter evenings are also great for biscuits! And what better to put your snacks on than this biscuit bandit plate from Jimbob art?! He looks so cute and sneaky, I love the cape!


  1. These are all so beautiful! I love the embroidered raccoon is adorable, and the moth necklace is so pretty!

    1. Its super cute, Etsy definitely has some awesome stuff!