Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I'm still here! Still in Auckland! I have started working part-time at a homeware shop nearby which is pretty fun, it's cool to see what kind of things people are buying. Though been super busy working lots of hours lately, so not had lots of time for sewing and things! But I have still had some exciting stuff going on!

I have been making the most of the library and borrowing a ton of books! I love Celia Birtwell and have a few of her Uniqlo pieces so it was great to find out more about her and see more designs in this book. I didn't have time to read all of this book before it was due back, so I'll have to get it out again, but definitely a really interesting read, though kinda slow going! I have always been a huge fan of Lauren Child, and she has finally written some books for slightly older readers! Though the Ruby Redfort series is still technically for children it is awesome, and I'm already halfway though the second book now!

It is now pretty much winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and the weather's always changing, going from blue skies to heavy rain about 5 times a day! But I've still been exploring a little bit, there's so many cute streets around here so always something new to see. This it a view of the city from a narrow little alley that leads to the motorway bridge!

  Big excitement! I got a knitting machine on freecycle! The guy was even kind enough to drop it round and include an instruction manual, which has made things a little easier, though it is still super complicated! I'm about halfway to figuring it out, though I need to get some good quality wool that won't keep splitting!

I have been working on some new scarves and experimenting with a few different resist techniques, and hopefully will have some more to add to my Etsy shop soon!

I went to the Volcom School of Cool in Auckland the other week which was pretty awesome! There was some really cool artwork on display, and a great hand lettering workshop, some inspiring talks and lots of free food and goodies!

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