Thursday, 11 June 2015

LENA: the fashion library.

I recently found out about LENA the fashion library; set up as a clothing 'library' in Amsterdam, LENA allows users to borrow and swap clothes from their collection of vintage, designer and eco labels! How awesome is that?!

They have a membership system in place, so you pay monthly, with a few different options, and you are then given a certain number of points each month to borrow clothes with. They also let you buy the clothes you borrow, so if you can't bear to give back that dress you borrowed from the library, you can decide to keep it, and buy it at a discount!

I just wish it was a bit closer to home, I'd love to visit and see how it works, it's such a good idea! Anything that means less cheap (unfair) clothing manufacturing but still being able to have a fun wardrobe gets a thumbs up from me! I've always thought that a quality, capsule wardrobe with a few, well made items which you love seems like a great idea, but I haven't really got a very specific style and love to switch my wardrobe up every so often, so this seems like the perfect alternative! What do you think, would you join a fashion library?

The website is mostly in Dutch but you can visit their English page here (unless you happen to speak Dutch!) and also follow their Instagram here. All images can be found on their website.


  1. Wow, this is such a great idea! I wish they had something like that where I live! :)

  2. This truly is a brilliant idea. Its hard not to develop a conscience these day, especially when it comes to cheap fashions and wastage. I'm probably more concerned about wastage though and where all those discarded pieces end up. Borrowing fashion is super sustainable and perfect for anyone on a budget.