Thursday, 7 April 2016


 Last stop before Australia was Bali! I'd been wanting for visit for ages now, from everything I'd seen it looked amazing - and it was! Again - so much to see! And everyone was super friendly, and so much prettiness - even just getting a cheap coffee in cafe seemed really fancy (and yum!).

^ I had seen photos like this online and was hoping to see a few - literally on every street! I think that's one of my favourite things about visiting some place new - everything seems so different and exciting!

^ All the hipster cafes and yum places to eat, I was actually pretty lazy in Bali, spent a lot of time wandering around, eating and relaxing, it was the best!

I^Pools and beaches! I found some good deals, so managed to treat myself to hotel stays, it was super exciting to have my own room for once rather than be in a hostel!

^ These offerings are left all over the streets to dodge! So pretty, and fun to see different things left out every day.

^ It was super hot, and sunny for most of my stay, with a few wet season crazy rain showers to cool off in!

Oh man, I miss that place! Definitely going to go back someday, still so much to see, and I totally get how people try to escape there for a few months, definitely one of my favourite places to vist!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Georgetown, Penang.

After Singapore, I flew to Penang to stay in George Town for a few days. From what I had seen online it looked like a fun place to explore, and it was on my way, so I went! It was such a cool place, so much to see, interesting buildings and architecture, great views and yum cheap food!

 ^This amazing view from the top of Penang hill!

^So much great street art to see all over the city!

^ And amazing temples all over the place, so many temples!

^ And each street seemed super exciting, there was something to see around every corner, I spent most of my trip just wandering around the city exploring!

^  I also took the bus out to the other side of Penang one day to explore the National Park and the beaches around; I wasn't expecting much, but it was so pretty it was crazy! And so empty! You weren't meant to swim in some parts of the water though, but I was pretty happy sat on the beach and exploring.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


2 months ago I left New Zealand after 2 years there (aww, miss that place, but new adventures!) and had 2 weeks back in the UK seeing family and hanging out with that cute pup of mine (still puppy faced, but he will be 11 next month)! After that I flew to Australia on a working holiday visa, but I stopped off at a few places on the way for about 2 weeks - yay adventures! First off I went to Singapore. It was super clean and organised, and heaps to see!

^ Spent the night in Mumbai airport on the way since my connecting flight left without us! I guess I can say Ive spent 12 hours in India now!

^Had heaps of rain on my first day exploring the city, so much that I actually had to buy an umbrella (usually I hate using them since they always break!).

^Discovered a cute street near the main mosque, with heaps of hipster cafes and craft/designy shops and street art!

 ^Explored the gardens by the bay, which has heaps of plants, a giant waterfall and a really high up walkway - theres one indoor and one outdoor, I stuck to the indoor one and it was still pretty scary to look down from!

^ The city puts on some amazing light shows at night, definitely recommend them! The first was by the bay, it was a laser and projection show by the water, and then went to the Supergardens (big fake trees) and there was an awesome display with music and lights! It was pretty magic.