Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Georgetown, Penang.

After Singapore, I flew to Penang to stay in George Town for a few days. From what I had seen online it looked like a fun place to explore, and it was on my way, so I went! It was such a cool place, so much to see, interesting buildings and architecture, great views and yum cheap food!

 ^This amazing view from the top of Penang hill!

^So much great street art to see all over the city!

^ And amazing temples all over the place, so many temples!

^ And each street seemed super exciting, there was something to see around every corner, I spent most of my trip just wandering around the city exploring!

^  I also took the bus out to the other side of Penang one day to explore the National Park and the beaches around; I wasn't expecting much, but it was so pretty it was crazy! And so empty! You weren't meant to swim in some parts of the water though, but I was pretty happy sat on the beach and exploring.

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