Tuesday, 5 April 2016


2 months ago I left New Zealand after 2 years there (aww, miss that place, but new adventures!) and had 2 weeks back in the UK seeing family and hanging out with that cute pup of mine (still puppy faced, but he will be 11 next month)! After that I flew to Australia on a working holiday visa, but I stopped off at a few places on the way for about 2 weeks - yay adventures! First off I went to Singapore. It was super clean and organised, and heaps to see!

^ Spent the night in Mumbai airport on the way since my connecting flight left without us! I guess I can say Ive spent 12 hours in India now!

^Had heaps of rain on my first day exploring the city, so much that I actually had to buy an umbrella (usually I hate using them since they always break!).

^Discovered a cute street near the main mosque, with heaps of hipster cafes and craft/designy shops and street art!

 ^Explored the gardens by the bay, which has heaps of plants, a giant waterfall and a really high up walkway - theres one indoor and one outdoor, I stuck to the indoor one and it was still pretty scary to look down from!

^ The city puts on some amazing light shows at night, definitely recommend them! The first was by the bay, it was a laser and projection show by the water, and then went to the Supergardens (big fake trees) and there was an awesome display with music and lights! It was pretty magic.


  1. Would you recommend Singapore? I hear a lot of mixed things about the place.

    So many cacti in that one image!

    nat | Dignifiable

    1. I really liked it for a short visit, but after visitng Penang and Bali, it was definitely missing some of the 'buzz' of those places, like almost too clean and organised, as weird as that sounds! But definitely still worth a trip, even just for the light shows and the gardens!