Thursday, 24 August 2017


I'm sad to have finished this sketchbook since I've got some pretty cool stickers on it! I like to take photos to document my sketchbooks when they are finished as its hard to keep hold of them all when I'm moving around. So here's some of my latest sloth sketchbook doodles!

Thursday, 6 July 2017


So it's definitely winter here in Melbourne now; and luckily there have been more of the icy cold but sunny days than grey rainy ones (my least favourite kind of winter day!). But I've finally gotten around to gathering up some pictures I took during Autumn.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Clean New Year!

Ok so it may not really be considered the 'New' year anymore (how is it nearly February already?) but I've made a little Etsy wishlist of some yummy sounding handmade skincare treats, whether you need a relax after the busy season, or a reward for eating better this year, it seems like the perfect time to treat yourself to one of these magic products!

This exfoliant soap from Soap With Hope has charcoal and sandalwood in, works as a detoxifier and scrub, is palm oil and preservative free, natural, and $1 goes towards supporting international elephant conservation. So much goodness in one bar!

LaLoba Herbalism makes these amazing healing teas, with remedies for so many different concerns, from pregnancy(fertiliTEA) to anxiety (anxieTEA), theres a tea for almost everyone! Plus bonus points for the names, I love a good pun!

Yum! So keen to get one of these massage bars from Nur Organics. You can use it during or after showering, and they are designed to hydrate, cool, soften and exfoliate your skin.

Caffeine in the form of an eye serum from Blossom & Moss. This sounds like the perfect remedy for bleary eyed mornings!

This bottle of Coconut Milk Bath Salts from My Lily Earth sound so relaxing and soothing, and I love the packaging.

Estelles Haven has created the cool breeze balm to relieve sore muscles, colds and flu, and headaches. And it is the perfect size to carry around to fight these on the go!

These mini bath bombs by Bayside Soap comes in lavender or rose geranium, the perfect little bathtime treat!

Wild Raven Soap has created this yummy sounding coffee and oat scrub bar which exfoliates and combats inflammation and redness in your skin, another perfect coffee morning wake up!

Wow! This pina colada bath bomb also from Nur Organics looks so cool, and I bet it smells great too! Nur Organics currently have a 25% off sale too if you use their coupon code! 

Monday, 23 January 2017


This year I want to make (and finish) sewing myself some new clothes. So I joined in with the #2017makenine to follow 9 new patterns (yep, ambitious!). Here's what I've chosen, from left to right:

top row:
1. Isla top from Tessuti.
2. Selja knot tee from Named Clothing.
3. Georgie top from Tessuti.

middle row:
1. Coco dress from Tilly & the Buttons (image from here)
2. Alder shirtdress from Grainline Studio
3. Camber set from Merchant and Mills

bottom row:
1. Reglisse dress from Doe and Deer
2. Oslo cardigan from Seamwork
3. Everyday skirt from Liesl and co.